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Restaurants have been heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, as dining out has been limited or altogether prohibited in the interest of public health. Deliveries and takeaway quickly became the lifeline for many in the food industry, and this demand will be here to stay long after the pandemic. In response to this growing need, Taft Properties launched The Kitchens at East Gate.

The Kitchens at East Gate is a future-ready concept for food businesses that are looking to cut costs and gain access to a large urban market. As a component of the mixed-used development of East Gate, The Kitchens at East Gate has a highly advantageous and central location close to major business districts.

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The first of its kind and scale in Cebu, The Kitchens at East Gate offers spaces that focus on food preparation, and requires less operating expense than a traditional restaurant. A range of configurations is available for various requirements, from 60-square meter kitchen spaces to smaller kiosks that are ideal for assembling desserts or reheating meals. Some of these units are convertible, with space for dine-in seating should the need arise.

Because The Kitchens at East Gate is specialized, tenants can operate as soon as their units are set up and they register with third-party delivery services. For smoother delivery transactions, dedicated parking spaces and a waiting area are provided for drivers.