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Imagine stepping into a vibrant nexus where innovation meets creativity, the rhythm of collaboration dances with the pulse of ambition, and the essence of a progressive mindset meld seamlessly. Welcome to Cebu’s first integrated productivity hub—a dynamic space exuding energy, inspiration, and endless opportunities!

“With this one (Nest Workspaces), we want to push for a more light-hearted,
collaborative feel. We also want to foster community because we want members
to not only rent but also get access to all our events.”

Nath Anthony Ybanez
Managing Director

Taft Properties grand launched the first-ever integrated productivity hub in Cebu last September 19, 2023, consisting of Nest Workspaces, Storage Town, and Subtero Underground. It is where professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs come to build, dream, and flourish. This transformative space is meticulously crafted to nurture every facet of your work, business, and lifestyle goals.


CDN_Nest Grand Opening

Strategically located within one of Cebu’s foremost business districts, the hub is a compelling nexus for different demographics. Designed to cultivate collaboration, this establishment stimulates innovative thinking, and realizes latent potential. Experience it yourself at  Basement 1, Horizons 101 on Mango Avenue, Cebu City, and dive into the world of possibilities.

Nest Workspaces, taking productivity to new heights

As Cebu witnesses a surge in freelancers and entrepreneurs, the demand for a conducive workspace becomes undeniable. Nest Workspaces rises to the occasion, offering a vibrant, collaborative environment that meets and elevates your work aspirations.

Within its welcoming confines, Nest Workspaces accommodates up to 149 guests, providing an array of facilities from private offices and conference rooms to the exceptional Nest Studio.

Nest Studio stands apart in the co-working landscape. Created for innovators, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and teams of all sizes, this expansive 140-square-meter workspace empowers you to turn ambitions into realities.


But it doesn’t stop there. Nest Studio boasts a remarkable 50-meter cyclorama, a backdrop that transforms visual content. It’s an indispensable asset for photographers, content creators, and filmmakers, enabling them to craft stunning visuals with unparalleled ease.

Managing Director Nath Anthony Ybanez said, “With this one (Nest Workspaces), we want to push for a more light-hearted, collaborative feel. We also want to foster community because we want members to not only rent but also get access to all our events. We are planning to hold a lot of pop-up events, talks, board game nights, those kinds of stuff.”

Subtero Underground, redefining fitness transformation

Subtero Underground isn’t just a gym; it’s a transformative fitness destination for enthusiasts. Offering an array of services, from coach-led group sessions and personalized one-on-one training to expert nutritional guidance, there’s something for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

As an integral component of the productivity hub, this facility takes pride in its unique training methods, tailored specially for the Cebuanos. Boasting top-tier amenities—from state-of-the-art equipment and coaching to an elite facility—Subtero Underground promises workouts and results that redefine strength, fitness, and well-being. Embark on an unmatched fitness journey today!

Storage Town: streamlined space solutions


StorageTown is Cebu’s leading, state-of-the-art self-storage facility, tailored to meet diverse storage needs. With over 60 distinct storage sizes, it offers versatile options, from Personal and Standard to Plus, ensuring the perfect fit for your belongings.

This self-storage facility boasts 143 lockers in a multitude of sizes. It’s more than just storage; it’s your answer to decluttering, giving you the breathing space you’ve been craving.

CDN_Nest Grand Opening

Merging the dynamic workspace of Nest Workspaces with StorageTown’s unmatched storage capabilities, Taft Properties presents a comprehensive solution to amplify your productivity, streamline your space, and propel you closer to your business aspirations.

Horizons 101 by Taft Properties is indeed a one-stop shop where everything is at arm’s reach. From contemporary living to commercial destinations, Horizons 101 has what you need. For leasing inquiries and more details, contact 0931 783 6387 or email [email protected].

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