City living has never sounded so sweet

City living has never sounded so sweet

In harmony with city living

Strategically planned and intuitively designed, Symfoni Kamias hits the right notes. This property is in proximity to major universities and institutions, setting the stage for a thoroughly convenient lifestyle.

A prime spot for profit, Symfoni Kamias is an easy choice for investment. Demand for lodging is high in Quezon City, and Symfoni Kamias offers its homeowners the opportunity to jump right into a robust rental market.

Symfoni in Metro Manila

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K-J Street, Barangay East Kamias, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Unit Deliverables

Delightfully affordable, each Symfoni Kamias home is handed over with the following Crafted Comfort features and fittings:

  • Lower Light Switches
  • Lever-type Door Handles
  • Elevator Key Card Access System
  • Door Key Card Access System
  • Bidet Attachment
  • Motion-activated Light

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Team of Experts

Owner/ Developer Taft Property Venture Development Corp
Design Architect Design Consortium International Architects
Structural Engineers Pimentel & Associates Engineering Consultants
Mechanical Comprehensive Engineering Solutions Inc.
Electrical Guevara & Partners Inc.
Plumbing Integrated Innovators Co.
Fire Protection Integrated Innovators Co.
Sanitary Integrated Innovators Co.
Landscape Architect SGS Designs Landscape Architecture
Quantity Surveyor CH Perez

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The project is located at K-J Street, Barangay East Kamias, Quezon City, Metro Manila.