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Working, learning, keeping fit, and doing business, mainly from the comforts of home. New normal times have placed the home squarely in the center of people’s daily activities.

Taft Properties understands the need for crafted conveniences and purposeful designs that provide and promote the best living experience in all our residential developments. Now more than ever.

Today, as we count down 100 days towards that most joyful of celebration around the globe, allow us to share the many ways that Taft wants to make Christmas more meaningful for families through a pandemic that has altered lifestyles and work habits.

We want to spread the Christmas joy through ways that make it easy for you to acquire a Taft home in any of our premium housing communities that cater to people of varied lifestyles.

A Taft Properties Micro Township, after all, is more than just a roof over one’s head. It is a place where families get all the support they need as they work towards their goals in life.

We pay attention even to the tiny details often overlooked in grand designs but which contribute a big part to efficient homes and quality living.

Intuitive planning plays a vital part in all our developments, a unique advocacy that highlights our brand’s Comfort by Design initiative.

If there’s one thing we can always rely on despite the uncertainties of the times, it’s always home. Let Taft Properties provide you the best one yet.