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Are you tired of cluttered spaces holding you back from unleashing your creativity? Do you dream of a dedicated studio where your ideas can come to life without the constraints of a cramped working environment? StorageTown and Nest Studios at Horizon 101 Row is where you can simultaneously have fun, create, and increase your productivity!


Horizons Row: Nest Studio

Horizons Row_Nest Workspaces

(From Left) Alden Go, Founder and President of StorageTown Chase Cokaliong, Nath Ybañez, and Shari Quimbo-Ybañez opens the facilities at Horizons Row.


Nest Studio is not just your average workspace—it’s a game-changer for entrepreneurs, freelancers, small teams, and individuals ready to take their businesses to new heights. With a sprawling 140 square meters of contemporary and adaptable workspace, Nest Studio provides the ultimate platform for success.


Horizons Row_Nest Workspaces

The Nest at Horizons Row.


One of the highlights of Nest Studio is its magnificent 50-meter cyclorama. This photography backdrop will make your visual creations come to life. Whether you’re a photographer, content creator, or filmmaker, this vast cyclorama provides the perfect setting for capturing your desired dreamy shots.


Horizons Row: StorageTown

Horizons Row_Storage Town

StorageTown at Horizons Row.


On the other hand, StorageTown is Cebu’s premier state-of-the-art self-storage facility. You can find a suitable space with over 60 different storage sizes offering storage options such as Personal, Standard, and Plus.

StorageTown at Horizons Row offers 143 lockers in various sizes; you can free up your space and say goodbye to clutter, providing you with the extra space you need.

By combining the versatile workspace of Nest Studio with the organizational prowess of StorageTown, you’ll have everything you need to optimize your productivity and achieve your business goals.


Horizon 101 Row, the right balance of activity and leisure

Horizons Row is not just about shopping; it’s about embracing a lifestyle you love.

Located at the heart of Cebu City in Mango Ave. and within the iconic Horizons 101 towers by Taft Properties, Horizons Row is designed to complement the property’s residential component by offering leasable spaces to forward-thinking enterprises that provide modern conveniences to the condo owners, including the neighboring area as well.

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This dynamic commercial space epitomizes the perfect balance between work and plays, catering to individuals who thrive on hard work and the joy of living.

For leasing inquiries and more details, contact 0931 783 6387 or email [email protected].


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