Gaisano Retail Legacy Extends to Taft Properties’ Residential and Commercial Businesses

Backed with a solid retail background, the Gaisano legacy is now infused with the residential and commercial projects of Taft Properties. Eminent in securing quality, Horizons 101 and Symfoni Alto expanded their services by opening various food hubs and essential retail strips for homeowners and visitors.

12 December 2022

Retail spaces create a new vision of convenience to local consumers and buyers. With the advent of outdoor shopping and essential centers, these developments opened up a new opportunity to reshape the value propositions of vertical developments to create a sense of community that’s also focused in engagement and interaction.

Horizons 101 and Symfoni Alto embrace this trend to utilize the demand for community epicenters that build a strong sense of excitement that attracts diversity and creates a local identity among shoppers. With this heightened appeal, the adoption of this idea will continue to stabilize the local market and deliver personal experience that would help these retail strips spur its rehabilitation and generate a long-term impact of mass appeal and socialization.

Taft Properties celebrated its 25th Anniversary and this is definitely one for the books for the leading real estate developer to finally expand its retail arm.

A Grasp of Horizons 101’s Local and National Retail Strips

Horizons 101 embraced local and national retail strips to cater the needs of its unit owners. It’s definite that this iconic establishment is drawing in customers who wrote off traditional hop-in shopping through a modern mix of food, travel, and practicality.

Check out Storage Town Studio, Subtero, and Work Lab- go-to strips for an everyday go opening soon at Horizons 101.

Practical and Convenient: Symfoni Alto Opens First Refilling Station.

Meanwhile, Symfoni Alto welcomes its first-ever water refilling station — SERBIS WATER Hydrate + Chill which provides clean drinking water from processing to doorstep delivery, and a snack bar for its customers. Serbis Water guarantees safe potable water in clear 19L gallons, transparent enough to allow customers’ scrutiny and inspection.

Symfoni Alto calibrates the importance of comfort and convenience to the busy market in Guadalupe, Cebu. For Taft Properties, happy customers attributes to success.

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