Slow or uptempo, you can call the shots here.
With everything in Taft East Gate literally just
a few steps away from each other, be in charge
of how fast or slow you want to go.

Truly Have It All

All that is essential to a comfortable and sustainable
lifestyle in one desirable address. Taft Properties’ vision
is executed through its signature MicroTownship concept,
the standard which ensures that Taft’s projects are placed
only on transit-oriented and strategic locations.
This is perfectly captured in Taft East Gate,
where key points in the community are literally
just a few steps away from each other.
Saved from the hassles of commuting
or waiting, you could be beating the daily
grind one minute, and having
a ball the next.


  • 100% Back-up Power
  • Strategically Located CCTVs
  • Multiple Parking Levels


  • Multipurpose Sports Area
  • Swimming Pool
  • Fitness Gym
  • Function Halls
  • Landscaped Gardens

Location, Location, Location

Seeing where Taft East Gate stands, you know you’ve found
a winner. While more residential developments sprout further
away from Cebu City’s center, the property sits at the corner of Cardinal
Rosales Avenue and Pope John Paul II Avenue in the Cebu Business Park –
right next door to some of Cebu’s premier shopping and business destinations.

Taft East Gate’s four towers comprising of condominiums, offices,
and a hotel are anchored by Taft East Gate Mall. On top of the mall
podium spreads the Sky Plaza, an expansive amenity deck that
underpins the poised lifestyle that this community curates.

With features and location alone, this sharply designed
living hub powers you past the mundane
and the mediocre.

Find the space that inspires you.

Unit Deliverables

Living, Dining, and Kitchen

  • Wooden Main Panel Door
  • Homogeneous Tiles
  • Kitchen Countertop with
  • Base Cabinet & Sink
  • Painted Wall Finish

Toilet and Bath

  • PVC Bathroom Door
  • Toilet & Bathroom Fixtures
  • Ceramic Floor Tiles in Bathroom
  • Wall Tiles in Shower Area
  • Painted Wall Finish


Lower Light Switches

The ability to turn the lights on
or off becomes accessible to
every family member.

Fast-drain Technology

The shower area is kept clean
and ponding becomes a thing
of the past.

Bidet Attachment

A simple bathroom
accessory makes a world
of difference in hygiene.

Lever-type Door Handles

Requiring less effort to operate
than doorknobs, these handles
make opening doors easier.

Standard-sized Modern Design
Fiberboard Doors

Made of engineered wood, these
doors are not only durable, but
also more environment-friendly.

No-drip Countertops

Raised edges on sink
countertops prevent spills
from reaching the floors.






Team of Experts

Owner/ Developer Taft Property Venture Development Corp
Masterplanner Crone Partners
Design Architect Crone Partners
Casas + Architects
Structural Engineers Sy^2 + Associates Inc.
Mechanical Comprehensive Engineering Solutions Inc.
Electrical RA Mojica and Partners
Plumbing NBF Consulting Engineers
Fire Protection NBF Consulting Engineers
Sanitary NBF Consulting Engineers
Interior Design Songsong and Periquet Architecture Interior
Landscape Architect SGS Designs Landscape Architecture
Quantity Surveyor CH Perez
Request for Sample Computation