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We design homes that change lives.

At Taft, we endeavor to make our designs purposeful to provide
the best possible living experience one can have in each project we offer.

Comfort by Design

Intuitive planning figures in all of Taft Properties' developments, highlighting amenities and innovations that make a discernible difference in the quality of life.


A Taft Properties MicroTownship is more than a roof over one's head. It is a place where families can work towards their goals in life with as much support as possible close by.

Premium Places

Offering an exceptional standard of living, these properties cater to the tastes of the discerning few: Horizons 101 Cebu, Tast East Gate, Soltana.

Cozy Spaces

Life's essentials are enhanced in these properties in order to meet the demands of an upwardly mobile market: Symfoni and Cera Citation Residences.

Our Projects

Bold and daring, this residence marks the success and forward-thinking attitude of its residents. Matching the distinguished address where it stands 178 meters tall, it is the tallest building outside of Metro Manila. Truly an engineering marvel, nothing says you're on top of the world like Horizons 101. Learn more

A veritable oasis in the city center, Taft East Gate is the answer to those who want to have it all. Located in an exciting neighborhood, the development will have more to offer with a hotel, residences, office spaces, numerous retail options, and more to cater to a modern and active lifestyle. Learn more

This sunny residence is for the townie with a heart for the charm of the island countryside. Its 65% open space offers an incomparable sense of relaxation blended with the ease of modern living. In every sense, Soltana is island life citified. Learn more

This cozy home that's big on love is for those whose focus is to find balance in every aspect of life - work, family, home, With Comfort by Design features that provide maximum ease for living, Symfoni is the greatest value wherever it stands. It's easy to find and come home to harmony at Symfoni. Learn more

Live in a quiet neighborhood – right inside the city. Located right beside Nichol’s Park, another Taft Properties’ project, you get to experience living in a modern setting without the buzz and noise of the city. Symfoni Nichols is situated at Nichols Park Subdivision, Nichols Heights, Brgy. Guadalupe, Cebu City. Learn more

Less than an hour from the Makati Business District and quite near to schools, shopping centers, hospitals and houses of worship, Cera at Citation serves as a perfect home for your growing family. Enjoy the bright side of living at Cera at Citation. Learn more

With Cebu in the center of the Philippines, and the Philippines at the center of the Asia-Pacific region, its location is a strategic jump off point to all points in the region. Which also explains why Cebu has always played a vital role in trade and commerce in Asia, even before its colonisation by Spain.

On the east of Mandani Bay, a scenic stretch of wharfs rolls out onto a broad view of the Osmeña Bridge and the urban scenery beyond. To the west, the development will have easy access to Cebu Business Park and Cebu City. Learn more

About the Company


Steadily rising to become one of the leading real estate developers in the Philippines, Taft Property Venture Development Corp. (TPVDC) is changing the way we live by developing the finest housing communities for many young professionals, entrepreneurs, families and retirees from here and abroad.

Taft Properties is a solid and dynamic developer backed by VICSAL Development Corporation, the company behind the Metro Gaisano chain of stores.

Since its establishment in 1997, Taft Properties is pioneering MicroTownship Masterplanning and Comfort by Design.

Make it simple. Make it Taft.

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